Who runs the Centre?

The centre, as a registered charity, is overseen by a team of trustees, all committed Buddhists. But on a day-to-day basis, many others in the Sangha are involved in keeping the centre functioning well. (Information on how the centre is financed)

The teaching team: all Buddhism and meditation courses at the Centre are led by members who have many years’ experience of teaching and practising Buddhism and meditation, including:

Kamalavajri (cam-al-a–vaj-ree ) is a teacher of meditation and Buddhism of many years’ experience. She was ordained as a member of the Triratna Buddhist order in 1996.

Dayavajri (Di-a-vaj-ri) was ordained in 2005. She is an experienced teacher at the centre, a qualified Breathworks trainer.

Vidusi (Vid-oo-shee) is an experienced teacher of meditation and Buddhism, ordained in 2006.

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