During June, the Sangha spent several weeks exploring the theme ‘Transforming self, transforming world’. Below is a brief (not exhaustive) summary of some of the themes that emerged:

What kind of world do we want?

 A world with Justice, Peace and Interconnection

without war

with effective measures to establish and maintain peace

with effective government at a global level

where all species are preserved and cared for

a just world, where human and animal rights are affirmed

where all faiths and cultures are celebrated and understood

A Sustainable world …..

where there is sustainable growth both economically and in terms of population

that is habitable

that is ecologically sustainable

with more comprehensive recycling

where things are made to last

A world with Values

with more spirituality

that is loving and kind

that is tolerant and respectful

without oppression

without exploitation

How we are bringing this world into being in our own lives


Buying Fair Trade Goods

Using “Ethical Superstore”

Talking to people of different cultures on the streets of Manchester

School visits and Interfaith forum for local community cohesion



Buying fresh fruit and vegetables sold loose using own recycled paper bags

E-mailing “Tepe” to suggest tooth cleaners are made of materials that can be recycled

Investigating the installation of more water butts


Supporting “Emmaus” (charity addressing homelessness)with goods and donation

Supporting the “Heart Foundation”

Exploring ways to give/buy efffectively

Supporting “Practical Action”, a charity effective in poor countries e.g. with low tech clean water plant

Sponsorship of sponsored walk in aid of Rohinga refugees NB there is an action group “Buddhists for Rohinga”


Supporting Phoenix Prison Trust, which provides yoga and meditation for prisoners and prison staff

 Other Ideas

Increase awareness of the importance of recycling

Reducing energy demand in the home e.g. via insulation – “Go Green” is a green deal

Carton re-use e.g. as scoops

Other groups helping poor people – Meme, CVS(Voice Community)

Litter picking kit from Council