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Done some introductory events?
What next?

Once you have participated in an introductory course you are welcome to attend the centre for other activities as often as you like. Our Sangha (community) meet on Thursday evenings with a varied programme including meditation, talks, study/discussion and chanting/ritual, all very friendly!


Mitra means ‘friend’ and refers to someone who has made a declaration, at a special ceremony, that they are a Buddhist and want to practise in the context of the Triratna Buddhist Community. We have Order-Mitra events that happen throughout the year, and Mitra study courses to help deepen their practice and understanding of Buddhism.

For more info about what being a mitra means read this online introduction


Some mitras decide that they want to join the Triratna Buddhist Order, men and women committed to the Three Jewels:

  • The Buddha: taking the Buddha as their teacher and exemplar, they strive to practice to allow a similar kind of awakening to unfold in their own lives
  • The Dharma: following the Buddha’s teachings that lead to a greater awareness and understanding of reality, of how things really are
  • The Sangha: practicing in deep communication and sympathy with other practitioners, we go beyond ourselves and enjoy the delights of true friendship

There is no pressure or assumption that people will want ordination, and although generally members of the Order are well respected, there is no special way of treating them.

I have loved every part of this course. Even though I had learned both meditations many years ago, I got so much out of it.

Course attendee

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