We cel­eb­rate four prin­cipal Buddhist fest­ivals through the year:

Parinirvana Day — February: commemorating the Buddha’s final passing away, this offers an oppor­tun­ity for us to con­sider death and imper­man­ence in our own lives

Buddha Day — May: sometimes known as Wesak. Our most import­ant fest­ival, when we cel­eb­rate the Buddha gain­ing Enlightenment

Dharma Day — July: it’s one thing to become awakened one­self, but quite another to com­mu­nic­ate to oth­ers how to achieve this. The Buddha did it!

Sangha Day — November: celebrating the spir­itual com­munity, all those who prac­tise the Dharma

What happens during festivals?

The Sangha traditionally gathers on festival days to meditate, hear and discuss teachings, enjoy spiritual friendship (and nice food!) and often will include ‘puja’, or devotional ritual. Puja is usu­ally led at the Centre in call and response, and is prac­tised to develop our spir­itual emo­tions along­side our medit­ation and eth­ical practice.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course – the Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism – and hope to incorporate certain aspects in my daily life.

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