Sangha Night: Dhammapada 5

We continue to explore the Dhammapada on our regular sangha night. The Dhammapada is one of the oldest texts in the Pali Canon. It contains sayings of the Buddha in a very beautiful, concise, almost poetic form.

This evening, we will be looking at the section on the Self. We will mostly be working from Sangharakshita’s translation of the Dhammapada. This can be found as a pdf here or bought in book form from Windhorse publications, here

Sanghaketu will lead the evening.

Please note: this is a Sangha event and requires that you’ve done an introductory course with us.

stone carving of the footprints of the Buddha

Event Information

  At centre or Zoom (link will be emailed)
}  June 30, 2022
  Thursday, 18:45 to 21:00
n  Sangha

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