“Don’t Lecture Me!” – Power, Politics & the Dharma

“Don’t Lecture Me!” – Power, Politics & the Dharma

Our series continues with Abhayamala from the Sheffield Sangha. This remarkable woman in recent years has taught art to prisoners, perhaps a reason she was given ‘Abhaya’ in her name which means fearlessness.

She asks: How might we, as Buddhists, relate to society?

Can we link the practice of Metta to the first precept in a manner that is useful in society?

As Buddhists is it best to be a-political?

A personal talk by Abhayamala followed by a chance to reflect in small groups on your own relationship to metta, power and the wider society.

Please note: this is a Sangha event which requires that you’ve attended an introductory course with us.

photo of Abhayamala with her preceptors

Event Information

  Zoom (link will be emailed)
}  October 29, 2020
  Thursday, 19:00 to 21:30
n  Sangha

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