What is Sangha?

The Buddha taught that ‘friendship is the whole of the spiritual life’. By creating a friendly, active spiritual community and having the support and inspiration of like-minded people, ‘sangha’ becomes part and parcel of spiritual practice. Without this it is difficult to make progress and  fulfill our spiritual potential. In a world of increasing cynicism and individualism, many people feel a deep need for spiritual friendships.

Our Sangha is made up of ordained mem­bers of the Triratna Buddhist Order (often called ‘Order Members’), Mitras; and friends who have not made any formal com­mit­ment but have com­pleted some Buddhism and med­it­a­tion courses here and feel involved with the Centre’s activ­it­ies and values.

What is a mitra?

Mitra means ‘friend’ and it connotes a level of involvement or commitment beyond introductory, and declares that one feels oneself to be a Buddhist and are happy to practice within the Triratna Community.

More information on becoming a mitra