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The spiritual tradition we call Buddhism was started by The Buddha — “The One Who Has Woken Up” — about 2500 years ago in Northern India. Subsequently Buddhism has adapted to many different societies, finding ways to express the Buddha’s vision in different cultures and historical eras. So what we now call Buddhism consists of many different schools that developed to suit a particular time and place. In Britain there are centres practicing Tibetan Buddhism, Southeast Asian Buddhism, the Zen and Pure Land traditions of Japan, and many others.

Now that Buddhism has arrived in the West it needs to find a form that suits this time and place. So members of the Triratna Buddhist Order aim to present a form of Buddhism that is grounded in the core teachings and practices that underlie all the different traditional schools of Buddhism. We are simply Buddhists, basing ourselves on the core teachings, but open to the richness of the whole tradition. Our founder Sangharakshita, an Englishman, who was ordained as a Buddhist monk in India where he lived for over 20 years, studied with teachers from several Buddhist traditions and became well known for his non-sectarian approach founded the Triratna Buddhist Order based on teachings and practices which would most readily be communicated with the people he was meeting. More information about the Triratna Community.

For thousands of years people have found that the practices of Buddhism really do work, leading to better mental states, clearer vision, and more meaningful lives. But don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself. Information about our introductory classes.

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